Monday, October 5, 2009

Not Me Monday

Join in the free therapy that is MckMama's Not Me Monday...

Who would choose to sleep on the couch, even if it offends her husband a little, just to feel the breeze through the security screen doors? Not me!

Would that same person say that sleeping with the windows open makes her feel unsafe, but then sleep with the front and back doors wide open? Yes, I think she would. The security screens have dead bolts...

What kind of mother has to ask her 3 year old, "When was the last time you took a bath?" Not me!

Probably the same mother who allows her 5 month old to watch cartoons just because it makes him happy. Ridiculous!



  1. Ha! We just painted our front doors (can't wait for you to see.)We had our double doors open all day yesterday to dry.

    When can you hang out?

  2. Screen doors will totally keep burglars out. Especially with the dead bolts. You're fine! =)

  3. this is my first time visiting your blog and i will certainly be visiting again. your posts are wonderful.