Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 Recap - Random Mom Style

 In true random mom fashion, we have decided to recap the 2012 random order.  Without further ado:
February:  We had a Valentine's Celebration Dinner. Cheers! Please note that the 2 year old had the caffeinated beverage.
 And Chris brought his Valentines some chocolate.

 October: The kids did some pumpkin decorating.  Since it's still a million degrees here in October, it is better to just decorate the outside rather than carving a pumpkin.

May: Koli started preschool!  And Dareth survived with few tears.

 March:  Our church moved locations.  This was our last Sunday in the old building.  Many tears were shed by Dareth this day. All of our children were dedicated to the Lord in this building.

 August: The kids all started a new school year!

And the first school injury was sustained just a few days into the year.
 January:  The first trampoline injury occured. Poor Alivia.

 April:  Koleson and Brody "played" soccer, their first attempt at "organized" sports.  Neither one was a big fan.
June:  We surprised a dear friend with a trip to her dream vacation spot - London!

 We also took a weekend vacay to San Diego - so fun!

 November:  We spent lots of time at the State Fair - riding rides, playing games, petting animals, and eating corn and cucumbers on a stick!
July:  Dareth's children escaped the heat without her.  And Timmarie's family skipped town and headed to the Pacific Northwest. Dareth stayed behind and wept.  

 December: There were Christmas programs...
And visits with cross country friends...
And a cruise in which photographers make you pose with ridiculous props.  So we made the best of it.

September:  We hopped up to Vegas and got to meet Twitch from So You Think You Can Dance.

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