Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Can you hear me now?

The following are things I heard children say this week:

*"Mom, You mean. You mean. And......You mean." -Koleson

*"Mom, Whatchu got?" -Koleson (while pushing on my chest).
"Those are my breasts and please don't touch them.  They are private." -Mom
"Dont touch them? They private?" -Koleson (while continuing to touch)

*"My daddy is old.  His hair is falling out." -Alivia
"Am I old?" - Mom
"Nope.  But my daddy is." -Alivia

(this one makes me a little sad)
*"It was actually cool this morning in the shade." -Addy
"Do you mean it was coolER?  As in, you didn't feel like you were melting." -Dareth
"No, I mean it was actually cool." -Addy
"It was like 98 degrees this morning when you went to school" -Dareth
"Yeah. That is cool." -Addy
true story :-(

*"Can we go to the toy arena?  Cuz I am 9, she is 6, and I am absolutely certain that one of us can get away if someone tries to do anything."  -Gabriel