Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 Recap - Random Mom Style

 In true random mom fashion, we have decided to recap the 2012 random order.  Without further ado:
February:  We had a Valentine's Celebration Dinner. Cheers! Please note that the 2 year old had the caffeinated beverage.
 And Chris brought his Valentines some chocolate.

 October: The kids did some pumpkin decorating.  Since it's still a million degrees here in October, it is better to just decorate the outside rather than carving a pumpkin.

May: Koli started preschool!  And Dareth survived with few tears.

 March:  Our church moved locations.  This was our last Sunday in the old building.  Many tears were shed by Dareth this day. All of our children were dedicated to the Lord in this building.

 August: The kids all started a new school year!

And the first school injury was sustained just a few days into the year.
 January:  The first trampoline injury occured. Poor Alivia.

 April:  Koleson and Brody "played" soccer, their first attempt at "organized" sports.  Neither one was a big fan.
June:  We surprised a dear friend with a trip to her dream vacation spot - London!

 We also took a weekend vacay to San Diego - so fun!

 November:  We spent lots of time at the State Fair - riding rides, playing games, petting animals, and eating corn and cucumbers on a stick!
July:  Dareth's children escaped the heat without her.  And Timmarie's family skipped town and headed to the Pacific Northwest. Dareth stayed behind and wept.  

 December: There were Christmas programs...
And visits with cross country friends...
And a cruise in which photographers make you pose with ridiculous props.  So we made the best of it.

September:  We hopped up to Vegas and got to meet Twitch from So You Think You Can Dance.

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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Why you probably don't want to be my friend

We are "dog-sitting" right now. Which is code for "we are testing out a couple of dogs to see if they will work well with our family."  One of the dogs pooped in the house and tried to eat it.

I promptly texted Dareth to tell her about the incident and that I hope Koleson doesn't do the same thing when he starts potty training next week.


Thursday, November 8, 2012

All Fired Up

I am not someone who gets wrapped up in political discussions. I have my beliefs and convictions, but I dont feel the need to share them with others. I understand that others do. I even understand that when you believe in something that you may want to convince others that you are right. But what I have seen over the past days is terrible. I have been reading posts that say things such as we are doomed or that people will leave the country due to our president elect. I have even seen things that are much more pointed and directed at people groups. And each of these that I have referred to have been said in the name of Christianity. Now, I will readily admit that I misrepresent Christ at times. So please understand my heart. I am merely making observations and processing through that on this here blog. My intention is not to shame anyone for their comments. With that disclaimer, allow me to process my thoughts. Shaming others for their beliefs is not the same as speaking truth. Bullying others because of a stand on a specific issue is not giving others the opportunity to get to know your Jesus through you. Claiming all "real" Christians must belong to the same political party is polarizing and does not extend the hope that He promises. I dont pretend that my words and beliefs are always presented in a light that is pleasing to Him. I speak in my flesh too often. But my God is on the Throne today just like He was yesterday and He promises to be there tomorrow and for eternity. No matter who is in political office, which propositions passed or did not or which party I align ,yself with. If you will excuse me, I feel convicted to take a look at my own conversations and see them through these same filters. Photobucket

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The seasons are a changing

I hear rumor of this from other parts of the country.  Now, I can't deny that we are seeing signs of Fall as well.  It is just not what you expect to hear when you think "Fall".  Other parts of the country are talking about long sleeves and hot chocolate and colored leaves.  Here on the surface of the sun, we are looking at temps dropping into the 70's overnight and daytime temps dipping just below 100.  I don't want to sound ungrateful, but I am a little jealous.
It seems that as the literal season changes from summer to fall, life has taken on some changes of it's own.  As the summer crops are harvested and begin to die, I sense the same thing happening in life.  Our little family of three has settled into a solid routine over the spring and summer.  Solid routine was a nice change from the constant change of the previous years.  We relished it.  The kids are thriving.  They feel secure and happy and I see fruits of that throughout their lives.  So good for this mama's heart.  I was becoming comfortable.  I feel the undercurrent- change is a'comin.  There has been a new development that has effected the kid's weekly schedule.  Now, this certainly isn't the first time that a grown up in their life has made a similar decision that has impacted them.  But, for some reason, this feels bigger.  I sense the Lord preparing all of us for something different.  Maybe as the literal seasons change, we are about to experience a figurative change of seasons as well.  Some of the summer and fall is begin harvested and some of it has to die.  It has to die to allow new growth in the coming spring.  Please pray for my family as we face what could be a potential winter season.

Now, I don't want to project that things are terrible in these parts.  They really are not.  Life is happy and secure.  Through these changes, I have been able to witness fruits of maturity in my children.  They exhibit a sense of security that hasn't been shaken by every change like it was in the past.  They have a new found confidence in themselves, in the people in their lives, and more importantly, Alivia has found confidence in her God.  I am really proud of them.


Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Can you hear me now?

The following are things I heard children say this week:

*"Mom, You mean. You mean. And......You mean." -Koleson

*"Mom, Whatchu got?" -Koleson (while pushing on my chest).
"Those are my breasts and please don't touch them.  They are private." -Mom
"Dont touch them? They private?" -Koleson (while continuing to touch)

*"My daddy is old.  His hair is falling out." -Alivia
"Am I old?" - Mom
"Nope.  But my daddy is." -Alivia

(this one makes me a little sad)
*"It was actually cool this morning in the shade." -Addy
"Do you mean it was coolER?  As in, you didn't feel like you were melting." -Dareth
"No, I mean it was actually cool." -Addy
"It was like 98 degrees this morning when you went to school" -Dareth
"Yeah. That is cool." -Addy
true story :-(

*"Can we go to the toy arena?  Cuz I am 9, she is 6, and I am absolutely certain that one of us can get away if someone tries to do anything."  -Gabriel


Wednesday, July 4, 2012


Dear Addison,

You are officially out of the single digits.  Which is agonizing for your mama.  How did that happen so fast?  It couldn't have been ten years ago that you were born and your Dad and I looked at you with such love and wondered WHAT IN THE WORLD HAVE WE DONE?!  You, our daughter, multiplied our love in a million different ways and shattered our confidence at least that much, too.  I'm not sure that there were two more ill-equipped people on the planet to parent you.  Or mostly just me - your daddy has been a rock star from the beginning.  You are a reminder that God's grace is sufficient.

This year we watched you walk through tremendous heartache and grief.  Loss after loss, the hurt just kept coming.  In those hard moments, we saw God's victorious hand building your Faith.

We watched you navigate a difficult friendship that turned into bullying. We watched you stand your ground. We saw the freedom standing firm brought you.

I've watched your silliness, your compassion, your mothering heart, your sass and attitude and your drama.  OH THE DRAMA.  I'm buckling up for the next 10 years.

What I'm trying to say is that we are watching you develop character.  We see you growing up and practicing principles of God's Word.  And we are not just watching, Addiecakes.  We are in the trenches with you, covering you with prayer and love and grace and mercy.  We couldn't love you any more or less because of your actions, but watching growth in your life is one of the most amazing treasures of motherhood.

I pray that 10 will be such a sweet year for you.  A year with much joy.  A year of extraordinary.  Because that's who our God is.  He is extraordinary and His plans for you are extraordinary as well.  So if those plans include hard, so be it, because we have seen you do hard things, babygirl.  And He doesn't include hard with no reason.

A few months back when talking to your Uncle Brian, he was commenting on not knowing how to parent a 9 year old girl.  He thought it was because they adopted your cousin only a few months before that.  But then I told him that your dad and I didn't know any more than he did - that this was our first try at parenting a 9 year old girl.  That sums up how I feel about you being 10.  You are our first double digit kid.  And I'm not sure how to mother a 10 year old.  All I'm saying is, go easy on us, ok.  We are AMATEURS.

I love you the morest,


Monday, July 2, 2012

Things We Randomly Discuss

We like to talk. A lot. And about a lot.  Here are some non-deep things we like to discuss:
  • The Olympic Trials.  LOVE me some olympics.
  • Wanting to roadtrip with the kids. Brandy is OUT. She has no interest in that kind of crazy.  But Dareth and I feel very up to the challenge.
  • Our Framily Cruise and a Trip to London (YES, both of these things are in the works, and yes, I did mean to type Framily. That's friends and family.)
  • The fact that Addy is about to hit the big 1-0.  No more single digit birthdays. Hold me.
  • Our first world problems. And how spoiled we are. (This is a bit deep sometimes)
  • Sister Wives. And what does and doesn't appeal to us about the lifestyle.
  • Magic Mike, Christian Gray/Grey and our disdain for them. 
  • The heat.  It is hot every single day.  And we talk about it every. single. day.  
  • Quotes from Big Bang Theory. Namely, "We are all pathetic wosers." 
What are some random things that you talk about with your friends?


Thursday, June 28, 2012

road trip

We went on a weekend road trip. All of us.
"When we first talked to each other 
I knew we would always be friends.
Our friendship has kept on growing
And I'll be here for you to the end." Rachel Ellis

 At the fair!
 Lots of love.
 Silly mama.
 Sea World.
 New friends.
 Family time with an ocean breeze.
Watching in wonder.
  My brother's family


Thursday, May 3, 2012

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Could it be?!

It is your third birthday today.  I don't have the words to express to you the plethora of feelings this evokes in me.  It has been three years since you surprised us with your early birthday.  In three years, the face of our family has changed.  You and your sister have endured and thrived under the challenges of those changes.  You two are my constant reminder at the unending Love that is our God.
Koli, You will start preschool today.  You are going to love it!  You approach life with a manner that takes it as it comes and always strive to make the best of it.  Parenting you offers me a new perspective.  You and your sister are so different, but so complementary.  She is your biggest fan, Koleson.  Even though you two will have battles in this life, she is always on your side.  She is the classic big sister and sometimes it will annoy you that she always thinks she knows best.  Please remember that she really is motivated by her desire to love and protect you.  Well, that and she really does think she knows best ;)

Three things I want to remember about you from this age:
*The way you yell "Mommy!" each time you see me after we have been apart.
*Role call:  Many days you take stock of where each person is: "Alivia at school, Addy at school, Brody at school, Gabe at school, Hudi at home, Mommy at work."
*The way you say, "I wub oo, Mom"  It melts my heart.  Every.single.time.

My prayer for you this day is that as you grow you come to know the love of the Lord as your own.  He is your champion, Koleson.  He has big plans for your life.  I am ever so grateful to have been chosen to be your mom.  I love you more than there are words.  Love, Mommy.

"Finally, be strong in the Lord and in his mighty power. Put on the full armor of God, so that you can take your stand against the devil’s schemes." Ephesians 6:10-11.


Wednesday, April 18, 2012

It's time for an update...

...none of us look like those pictures anymore. Unfortunately, I just got on my computer for the first time in years, so I don't have any more recent pictures in my digital possession. And my camera is broken. And I don't actually know how to put pictures on this thing unless it's in a post. Yes, I am that lame.

So, apparently this post is useless.

Happy Wednesday.


Monday, April 2, 2012

a catch all of sorts

...just qualified for preschool which is making his mom happy and nostalgic all at once. playing soccertots. Which is an adorable mix of little people running and kicking and shouting "GOAL". Love. beginning to speak in full sentences, which also makes his mom happy and nostalgic all at once.

Alivia: loving the new found freedom found in the ability to read and write. I love this phase!
...just began a dance class which she is in love with. She seems to have the touch for tap, but girlfriend got her dad's flexibility, so ballet is NOT her dance.
...has begun memorizing scripture and reading it from her bible. This makes my heart incredibly happy for her.

...I have a new job that I love. Playing with babies and getting paid for it?? :)
...I am thankful that the Lord allows me to be really honest and raw in our relationship.

Happy Monday, Friends!