Wednesday, August 31, 2011

day 3

Emotional manipulation.

In all fairness, this actually makes me want to punch others in the face. But, I definitely want to throw punches over it. If you desire to have a conversation with me, I will be happy to have a mature discussion. But, if you think you can get your way by emotionally manipulating me, you picked the wrong girl. Emotional manipulation and I have a sordid history together and I have officially broken up with it.


Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Day 2

So, it's no secret that I am not an animal lover. Nor is Chris. It's not that I hate them, I just don't get over the top in love over sweet kittens and puppy dogs and such. In fact, I immediately delete those emails.

Chris and I got Addy a guinea pig for her birthday this summer, and for a few weeks this house went crazytown over some rodenty type creatures. We got a guinea from someone we knew, and unfortuantely said guinea was elderly and ended up having spinal cord damage and eventually passing on to guinea pig heaven. LOVELY experience. Don't worry, Addy has another guinea pig that is young and healthy, yada yada, blah, blah, we have a pet.

Brody has decided that he would like a pet too. And he would like it to be a pet bird. Now, I should mention that Brody LOVES the guinea, and by loves I mean pets it, and talks to it, and puts in on the skateboard and in rollerskates. Basically, we have to watch him like a hawk because he's a wee bit rough. Back to his pet: He wants a pet bird. Which means another cage. Not to mention that I only like birds if they are being served on my dinner plate. Also, WE ARE NOT GETTING ANOTHER PET. So, with this gift of autism comes Brody's ability to hyperfocus, rather obsessively, about a pet bird.

B: Mom, I want a pet like Sissy. How about a pet bird?
Me: No, buddy. A bird is a lot of responsibility.
B: I can be responsible.
Me: No, you are not ready. You don't even follow the rules about Sissy's guinea pig.
B: I can follow the rules. I want a pet.
Me: I know you want to follow the rules, but you just aren't ready yet. Can we talk about something else?
B: I want a pet like Sissy. How about a pet bird?
Me: No, we are not getting a pet bird
B: We'll see, Mom.

and on and on - the length of several car rides. Please, someone punch me in the face.


Monday, August 29, 2011

Day 1

Yesterday morning on our way to church my girl was having a rough go. Then she learned that her cousin would still be in school while we are there for a visit in a few weeks. Then everything that anyone said or didn't say was just adding to her angst. By the time we were within a mile of the church she declared it the WORST DAY EVER. "This is my worst day ever. ***** is going to be in school while we are there. She gets to be in the wedding. Addy is ignoring me. I have to go to my class and I feel like my mom doesn't even care about me!"
Does she go to school full day?? Um, Yes.
"This is my worst day ever! ***** is going to be in school. She goes full day. I won't even get to play with her. She gets to be in the wedding and I don't. Addy is ignoring me. I have to go to my class and I feel like my mom doesn't even care about me. Now Koleson is laughing at me. Stop it, Koleson! This is my"

Yep, just punch me in the face. It would be less painful than listening to this...


Friday, August 26, 2011

12 Days o Punching

We read this post and instantly felt a kind of connection. It seemed that Amy Beth had summed up the kind of week we had been living here on the surface of the sun. We love our people. But take the first week of school, mix in tired children, and stir in nuts (which is how we are feeling) then bake at 184 degrees (which is the approximate temperature here in our fine city), and you get some tough days. From reading her blog, we know that Amy Beth's heart is for every child. We are for all the people in our lives as well, but we thought we could have some fun with it.

So, we present you with the Days o Punching... a Festivus of sorts in which we can vent about our days free from guilt. Allowing us to laugh at our circumstances and keeping them in perspective. It's the small stuff...

*Note: It is titled the 12 Days o Punching because the "f" key is broken. And it makes me giggle a little :)*


Saturday, August 6, 2011

A most special addition

So, I am embarrassed to see how long it has been since we posted anything on here. Obviously, there has been way too much gone on in the past couple of months to document my absence. The highlight of our summer, that I can't not mention, is that we officially have a new family member!

My best friend of so-many-years-that-I-don't-want-to-mention-because-it-makes-me-feel-old and her family legally adopted a baby boy.

(I know, isn't he the most adorable thing???)

Hudson Matthew was born on my former anniversary, while my divorce was pending. It was such special timing to me to not only celebrate his birth, but that he will always be a reminder that new life is born even in the midst of mourning. After nearly 6 months of waiting, his mom, dad and brother are able to breathe a sigh of relief that, legally speaking, Hudson is forever a part of their family.

Hudson, we are so excited to have you in our family! Our God has lavished love on you and your family in so many ways. I, personally, am most excited that you get to grow up in a family that loves the Lord and is dedicated to teaching you about Him.

Some other highlights for me have been:

Watching Gabriel get to be a big brother again. He will always have your back, of that I am certain.

Seeing your daddy with another daddy's boy.

And of course, I will always enjoy watching the sister of my heart get to love another child of her own.

Seeing Alivia care for you since the day of your arrival. She has a special bond with you.

And I love, love, love that you resemble, in so many ways, your brother Burke.

Our God has such a big plan for your life, little Hudson. And I am so honored that I get to be your "favorite" aunt forever. I love you, Hudi.