Tuesday, March 1, 2011

they say it's your birthday!

Dear Timmarie,
I am so blessed to call you friend. Happy birthday! I pray that this year finds you even more blessed than the ones that came before it.

I asked some of your peeps what they appreciated best about you. Here's what they had to say...

Alivia said, "I like her dresses."
Gabes said, "She makes food for us."
Koleson said, "Thooba, thooba, thooba."
Addison said, "That she is nice and pretty."
Brody said, "I like that she cooks and stuff."
And I think Hudson would say he likes when you hold him.

Happy Birthday to you!



  1. This made me laugh, kids say the cutest things! Happy Birthday Timmarie!

  2. Alivia, I love when you give me the stink eye. It cracks me up internally every.single.time.

    Gabes, I love your very pragmatic way of thinking. I especially love your commentary when the 2 girls are bickering.

    Koleson, I love the way you love your mama. You definitely prefer her to, well, anybody else. I also like the way you play that freaky face game with Auntie Brandy.

    Addison, I love how much you are loving school. And that you asked Gabes if he would catch a grenade for you.

    Brody, I love that you have such a wild imagination. Who else would say, "Church makes me crazy."

    Hudy-Huderson, You have done me in. When I think about the miracle of you, it does me in every.single.time. Your birth has brought change to my heart, little one. God used you to birth something in me.

    What a happy birthday indeed.