Sunday, March 27, 2011

take care

The past few years I have been so focused on others and their needs that I have really forgotten to take care of myself. I get the kids ready and only if I have extra time get myself ready. If not, I just throw on whatever is clean (or the closest thing to it), brush my teeth and usually toss on some flip flops. I have had some big dental issues that I have ignored due to lack of funds. And I will generally forget to eat something until I am on my way to work and end up hitting a drive through. Ugh.

Well, I have had a couple of challenges lately. My dad told me that I have to start taking care of myself because my kids need me well to take care of them. Hmmm, good point. Alivia told me the other day, "Mommy, my body is healthier than yours because you drink so much soda." Again, a valid point. During our last week of study of the life of David, I was challenged to take God at His word that I am His good choice. He has chosen me to live this life because He says I am the on He wants to do so. Okay. Here I am, ready to make a change.

These are my goals for the week:
* Drink more water
* Participate in 3 classes at the gym
* Schedule a dental appointment for myself



  1. Did you just say, you forget to eat? Isn't that like saying, oh, I don't know?...I forgot to breath?

  2. Agreeing with Brandy.
    And also, YAY for a workout already done!

  3. I said I forget to eat until I am headed to work. Not the same as forgetting to eat all together.

  4. I had the same thought as Brandy. HA!