Friday, March 25, 2011

Things that made me laugh this week.

*Alivia, in all matters of seriousness, telling me she doesn't like the word turd because it means (in a whispered voice) "poop".

*That the term dum bass has taken off...see here.

*I laid Koleson down for a nap at Aunt Brandy's house. He was fighting sleep and crying. We hear from the bedroom: "Elp, Koka!" Translated "Help, Mocha!" (Mocha is their teacup chihuahua.) I'm sure she would be a great help in your escape attempt, Koli.

*This video that has inspired many a one liners that have cracked me up:

It was more than a week ago, but definitely needs to be noted: the shake weight.

What has made you laugh??


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