Friday, March 25, 2011

a light airing of grievances

For your reading enjoyment, a light airing of grievances. This list was composed with the help of Brandy. Any and all grievances containing incriminating evidence and possible curse words have been omitted.

-Women with man hands, for the love, wear gloves.
**This was Brandy's, since I happen to possess a pair. I'm headed out to purchase some gloves right away.

-People who drive 27 miles with their right blinker on and then make a left turn.

-People who drive cars worth more than their houses.

-Mom, mom, mom, mom, mooommm, mooommmmy, mooommmmmyyyy!

-Hearing people eat

-When people say, "I forgot to eat." In our world that is equivalent to "I forgot to breathe."

-Improper facebook etiquiette: STOP YELLING AT US!, We don't care to hear the minute by minute run down of your each and every day, writing about every detail of your dysfunctional relationship, cyberbullies.

-Calliou and Whinese in general.

-A lunch system that charges you full price for a lunch when you purchase milk. The same lunch system that charges your child for breakfast when she only goes to school from 12 to 3.

What's bugging you??



  1. Totally agree with the facebook thing. I have so many pet peeved involving social networking.
    Also, people who act "entitled"