Thursday, March 3, 2011

a day in the life

These are some random happenings from a typical day when I don't have to work...

*currently listening to 2 little girls play "therapy". One is the therapist, one is the assistant. They are playing bubbles with "their students". It's so precious I can hardly stand it. I just overheard that the kids freak out if they get time out, so instead they just have to drink from a bottle.
That's a kind of therapy I can get behind, people...I'm kidding.

*My dad came over and brought the kids a gift from him and Gramma. It is a sand and water table. The funny thing is that I asked for a water table for Alivia's 2nd Christmas. They couldn't find one that year. Apparently Gramma Vera has a good memory, she called me a couple of days ago and asked if the kids would like one. Grampa brought it over today and Alivia helped/bossed him put it together. The kids played in that water for over an hour. Koleson was wet from head to toe. I think it is fair to say a good time was had by all.

*Brody just explained to me the many special qualities of a Giant Squid. He teaches me so many things, such as did you know that the giant squid uses his tentacles to walk along the surface of the sand as well??

*I may or may not have seen Chris pull out some swiss cake rolls from deep within their pantry. And I may or may not have assumed it was ok if I have one.

*And I got to go to the grocery store all alone while my dad and the kids played outside. This is a big deal in my life...

I love the days when I get to do regular things with my kids. It's where the special moments are made.


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