Thursday, November 19, 2009

Sugar and spice and puppy dog tails...or something like that

Life is really crazy right now. But, my kids, they bring me such joy each and every day. My God, He really knew what He was doing when He chose me to be their mama. I certainly don't always get it right, but their unconditional love makes it worth all the effort to get up and try again tomorrow.

Here are some snippets from our life these days...

Koleson sat up on his own for about a minute today. It made me and Timmarie cheer. He did a faceplant right before we got a picture...

Alivia has a true, deep love for her Aunt Brandy. They have the most preciously sweet relationship. Recently, said Aunt was out of town. When I told Alivia she would be home Tuesday evening and would pick Alivia up from school on Wednesday, her face lit up and she said with all sincerity, "Mommy, I love Brandy more than you do. I love her as most as Jesus does."

Koleson has double ear infections and double pneumonia this week. It's a bummer. But, those chubby little baby smiles in the midst of it all make up for all the sleepless nights.

Alivia has such a keen eye for style. Let me paint you a little word picture... On Tuesday she wore a pale pink shirt with fuschia apples all over it. She paired it with glow in the dark green leggings. And layering is big this season, so she topped it with an oversized orange and white striped tank top and a leopard skirt. She finished it off with some purple crocs and pink sunglasses. Unfortunately, she said no to all papparazzi requests...

And that look in Koleson's eyes that he has only for his gets me every time.

These precious children leave my heart in a puddle at their feet each and every day. I am so thankful to be able to spend my days and nights in their presence.



  1. "I love her as most as Jesus does!"
    I love it! What a cute girl, and tell her to keep being brave with her fashion choices!

  2. Those 2 are just the best gifts to you ever.