Friday, November 20, 2009

Send us your info!

Just a reminder that our ornament exchange will be closing on Tuesday, November 24th. We would really love to get a few more people involved, so spread the word!

Once again, here's the rundown:

Your name (pseudo name if need be)
Email contact info

(Please note: We will not save this info once the exchange is over. We will not use it other than to make sure everyone has an ornament. We wouldn't even know how to sell it or advertise to you or anything of that nature. We are random through and through and making sure all ornament participators are happy will take all of our braincells)

Optional info:
Blog address
If you have a themed tree, by all means let us know
Interests (If you are a teacher who hates apple ornaments, by all means, say it!)

And the rules (WHO LIKES RULES? NOT ME)

1. You don't have to be a blogger.

2. Please send information to no later than November 24th.

3. We will send you your exchangee's info by November 30th

4. Please mail out ornaments no later than December 8th. If for some reason you cannot follow through with mailing out something, please let us know and we'll take care of it. We understand that things come up!

5. If you do not receive an ornament by December 16, please contact us and we will be sure you receive one! (We hate feeling left out)


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