Friday, November 13, 2009


Last week, Dareth, our friends K, H, E, Baby A and I got to MEET THE PIONEER WOMAN!!!!
It was so stinkin fun. She's just as sweet as you'd imagine her to be, and she even accidently scribbled in my cookbook. Perfectly cool!

There was some fun to be had. The bookstore was crazy crowded (Ree is a popular girl), and people's emotions were all over the place. One lady started crying when Ree walked out. Which made me, in turn, cry from laughter. I'm just being honest. It struck me as hysterical. Probably because I always tear up at the weirdest things.

The best news of the night was when she announced that Black Heels to Tractor Wheels will be published. It will include all of what's on the blog, plus more!

So how does this all tie into delight? I was just delighted that in a world where kindness can be easily forgotten, kindness and conversation between strangers can still happen. We chatted with some really great people. I also was so delighted to have some time with some really great friends - friends who find it fun to stalk famous bloggers!


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