Monday, November 2, 2009

Not Me Monday

Please jump over to MckMama's page and pray for her little guy, Stellan.

I can not fail to mention that this week, I did NOT run out of diapers in the diaper bag. Of course, I would have noticed this before he had a stinky diaper, right?? Umm, not. I am NOT rummaging through the diaper bag looking for some sort of solution... Let's just say, I did NOT end up putting a size 6 pull-up on my 6 month old. Because if I had done that, it would have been like a onesie on him. And that would be hilarious!

I am NOT having such an emotional eating week. I definitely did NOT eat cookies for dinner...for TWO nights in a row. And even if I had done that, I would definitely NOT justify it to myself that I saved some calories by using them as my dinner instead of eating them in addition to my dinner.

If I do NOT stop eating like this soon, you might NOT find me floating through the Macy's day parade route this year...


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  1. You crack me up. What's wrong with cookies for dinner? ;-)