Friday, October 8, 2010


...that's the word I use to sum up what happens to parents upon coming home after being away from their children. I mentioned here about finding a new job. I have. I started about 3 weeks ago. I braced myself for the adjustment. (Have I mentioned that Alivia is not a big fan of change?) And I was pleased. The kids seemed to be adjusting pretty well. I am enjoying the family that I work with. Bedtime was more rushed than I liked, but it has really been going fine.

This week, however, is the week of retribution. Apparently week three brought with it the realization that this new schedule is actually going to stick. And, as usual, my children's sleep pattern is the first one to alert me that it is not pleased. Last night I was awakened 4, maybe 5, times. And, during a 7 hour time span, that is -what I like to call- no bueno.

My dear children,
I love you. So very much. And I do want to spend more time with you. But, middle of the night wake up calls never bode well for any of us. You are cranky. Mommy is cranky. And after too many of these in a row, it unleashes an irritable spirit in me unlike any other. I don't like it. And I know you don't either.
Let's all get a good sleep tonight and enjoy some good, quality fun this weekend.
All my love,

PS- Thanks for being so fabulously adorable and funny. It more than makes up for the times when I feel like I could collapse.



  1. I was wondering how your new job was going, I hope the transition gets better with time. Give the babies a hug for me :)

  2. Dareth, sending love your way. I am glad that you did find work, I am sorry to hear making the three week adjustment is difficult for the kiddos.


  3. I hope you get more sleep soon. I'm sorry the transition is going a little rough. I'm hoping and praying the transition gets better soon.