Sunday, October 17, 2010


Addie needs eye therapy. Basically her brain/muscles need to be trained to do some things that typically develop on their own. Eye therapy is fairly costly, and they recommend you go to therapy 2-3 times a week. We have committed to taking her once a week, and even with that, we aren't sure how the payment is going to be made each week.

A beautiful thing has happened in this circumstance. Chris and I have the opportunity to work the next 4 weekends (this one included), so he will work one of the days, and I will work the other. Today was my turn to work. As I stood there this morning, I suddenly became teary eyed when thinking about God's provision. His timing is always perfect, and He knew before we did what this need would look like. And He created an opportunity. I was overwhelmed by His kindness, by His detailed timing. I stood in gratitude. I squeaked out a thank you.

I know I could stand in this season and focus on the lack. Believe me, I have done that a day or 25. Instead, I am desiring this to be a season of maturing, of strengthening of faith, of growing perseverance. I think I will be most successful in that when I choose to see His provision, His grace, Him.



  1. Thank you for sharing so vulnerably Timm. My heart thoughts needed to be reminded of His gracious provision...whether they be in financial or physical or emotional or relational ways. Any day this week available for our coffee date?

  2. I love when you share your beautiful heart. It always blesses me.