Monday, March 1, 2010

Hey, hey. It's your birthday.

In honor of her birthday, I give you:
The Top 7 (you guessed it) Random Things About Timmarie.

1. She has vacation schizophrenia. She is definitely going to a beachy, non-beachy or rainy location for her anniversary get-away and it will definitely be in March, May, October or possibly December.

2. She and her family celebrate each birthday by having cake for breakfast. Yum.

3. She and I bonded over a deep love for a reality tv show called Starting Over.
And since this is a random post, might I add, that I could really use some Rhonda and Ayanla in my life right now...

4. We also enjoy season finale parties for our favorite shows. Tomorrow night, anyone??

5. She celebrates each quality her children exhibit and helps them grow into the fabulous little people that they are and will become.

6. She is fiercely loyal. She loves deeply and gives freely.

7. We have been accused of being humor twins. Sometimes when she and I are busting a gut, others look at us in wonder. This, of course, just makes us laugh harder.

8. She googles roller derby names.

Timmarie, Happy Birthday. I am so very grateful that I have been allowed to come alongside and travel this journey of life and motherhood with you. You have modeled for me many lessons that I am oh-so-thankful for. One that comes to mind is how to raise a Jesus-loving little girl. Thanks for always having my back and most definitely for the prayer covering. And, thanks that your home is a safe place for my kids to be just who they are (well, sorry about some of that:) We love you.



  1. Happy birthday, Timmarie!! So glad I get to ship off your giveaway win on your birthday!! :o)

  2. I love this post because you wrote top 7 and then put 8. And that just rocks.

    Help me, Rhonda. I could keep you busy for awhile.