Monday, March 1, 2010

33 is the place to Be!

It's my birthday. And in honor of my birthday, I have a sinus issue going on and 4 1/2 hours of Biology today. Who said mid-30's wasn't glamorous? And if you are going to recommend a Neti Pot, save yourself the trouble. Dareth and I are vehemently opposed to Neti pots. I realize that is a strong stance to take, but we take political matters VERY seriously around here.

So, in all honesty, 32 wasn't a banner year for me. Unforgiveness was an underlying theme. I really had always viewed myself as a forgiving person. God used 32 to reveal that I have an excessively long way to go in that area. It is one area that I am extremely disappointed in myself.

On a good note, 32 brought me back to school. I have been wanting to get my RN for a while. And now I am chipping away at it. I am currently COMPLETELY nerding it up in Biology. I absolutely love the sciences. Each class lecture reminds me of how detailed God created us and it just blows me away.

I have high hopes for 33. And big decisions to be made. I've decided to work on some specific qualities that I have seen in other people that I want more of in my life.

I want to love God's Word with a passion, like my friend H. She brings great encouragement through His word. She commits it to memory. She applies it in her everyday life. I love seeing that. And I want it.

I want to love my children like Amy Beth loves the girls she has. She may have not birthed them, but she sure loves them as if she had. She is intentional about making the ordinary day extraordinary. It convicts me every.single.time. I also want to return to the written letter. Who doesn't love mail that isn't a bill? And why can't I take a few minutes each week to love on the people I love.

I want to love out of my covenant with the Lord. Marriage is a choice you make everyday. Each day has the opportunity to love the best way you can, beyond what you think you are capable of. I have been married over 10 years, and I am convinced there will always be ways for me to love Chris better. I have a great example in D and K. They are covenant women - dare I say a rarity in this day and time.

I also would really like to make a decision on are vacation. The schizophrenia is about to take over every last brain cell.

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  1. Happy Birthday, sweet friend! Praying Year 33 brings you all these things AND MORE.