Sunday, March 21, 2010

What your roller derby name says about you...

Timmarie was there with us, but I cut her head off in the shot. Sorry about that...Just picture her next to Brandy with her cute faux hawk and flower in her hair.

So last night some friends introduced me to the roller derby in our local city. I will be honest, I wasn't sure if I would get into it. And, in all fairness, at first I didn't. It was a double header. The premiere of men's roller derby competition in our state. Let's just say that I hope with more practice the men can begin working together and not calling off the jam every 32 seconds. I felt like I was just figuring out what each person was supposed to be doing and they stopped. But, once the women came out I really started to understand what was going on. I am not putting the men down here. I hope with more practice they can get into a groove. But, by last night they certainly hadn't.

It was really fun to watch a sport in which women of all shapes and sizes and personality styles were able to find a spot in which they were successful. They work together as a group and make way for the jammer to push through scoring as many points as she can. I really enjoyed the strategy of it. If I could only stay upright on skates while I skate fast and bump and pull on others, I would totally sign up. I wouldn't mind throwing a few shoulders out there...

What would my roller derby name be?

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