Sunday, July 18, 2010

Not Guilty

I have been reading a book about Mommy Guilt. I am really loving it. I don't know a mom around who doesn't struggle with it in some capacity. I put a challenge out to our mommies group this week: make a list of the things you do in your mothering that you do not feel guilty for, the things you feel like you have done right (big or small).

Things I do not feel guilty about:
*Keeping my shower a kid-free zone.
*Talking openly and freely with my daughter, even if she touches on a subject that makes me uncomfortable.
*Teaching my daughter the character of Jesus and how we should model that in our own lives.
*Also teaching her that we all need His grace and forgiveness, myself included.
*Leaving the dishes in the sink for one more day.
*Allowing my toddler to eat food off of the living room floor.
*Giving my children a binky.
*Obsessing over my children's health sometimes.
*Demanding life-saving water skills training for our girl.

This is a good start. It feels good to remember that I do get it right sometimes.


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  1. Hi Timmarie,

    Two questions:

    1. Which book about mommy guilt are you reading?

    2. What is the origin of your first name? I have a BFF named "Kimmarie" and her parents combined two names together, one of which was that of a pro football player!