Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy 8th, Addie Grace

Dear Addie,

Today you are 8. Eight seems so very old, and I am not particularly liking the idea of you being "old." Time seems to be rushing by, and some nights when my head hits the pillow, I wonder if I was present for anything in your day.

Seven was a year of challenges, which means it was also an opportunity for some growth in your life. You faired well, dear girl, but not without some marks from the enemy. My prayer for you is that you will take those wounds to the Cross of Christ and let Him be enough. He is BIG, my daughter, and He alone assigns your value. But let me tell you with confidence, Adds, He is especially fond of you.

Eight brings a new season to your education and our relationship. We are homeschooling you this year. Daddy and I think you will thrive on the one on one learning environment, and to be completely honest, our hearts long to shield your from growing up too fast. I am anxious and excited to see where this next year takes us.

You have turned into our little fish this summer, enjoying swim lessons and practicing the competitive strokes so you can be on the team next year. You love to swim! You also still love to mother anyone who will let you. You are going to make a great babysitter someday. Lately you have been asking for coffee in the mornings, which cracks me up. I am pretty sure I have both you and Brody hooked.

Speaking of your brother, I think he really loves you a lot. He knows you will protect him and laugh with him. He knows that you will forgive him when he has hurt you. Sissy, there is something to be said about your relationship with him. I've always wondered how it would develop, I've been concerned you might resent him. Addie, you love him so purely and so sweetly. You never want him to be in trouble, even when he has done "little brother things" that irritate you. I know you love him deeply, and I know you will ALWAYS look out for him. Mommy cannot tell you how much that makes my heart swell.

Addison, the thing I love most about you is how much you love God and His Word. You chose to stay here over your birthday weekend because you wanted to be at church on your birthday. You love learning your memory verses and you are quick to pray for your friends. Your growing faith is inspirational.

Addison Grace, I love you beyond what your heart can imagine. As you grow into the girl that God has made you to be, my prayer is that your heart will desire the Lord above all else.
"What does the Lord require of you? To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God." Micah 6:8



  1. What a beautiful post for a most beautiful girl!

  2. Stunning! You and your daughter.