Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The absentee Blogger

The most recent and significant reason I have been absent on the blog is because I have started nursing school.  It is overwhelming and fun and hard and overwhelming.  It's been such an adjustment to shift some house duties to Chris.  It's also been challenging to not be picking up the kids every day.  Apparently, nursing school doesn't really care that I want to see my kids walk out of their schools.

I would show you a picture of me in my FANCY scrubs (sans jewelry) except I haven't even taken the time to get a picture.  I know I will want to remember this time once I recover from the PTSD of it all.  So hopefully soon.  In the meantime, I wanted to jot down some things about the nursing program.

- Block 1 is a potpurri of learning.  Nursing history, feedings and catheter care were all taught the same day. So weird.
- You have to be flexible.  I am glad I was warned about this.  Schedules, clinical sites and lab times all change from moment to moment.  You can't get your feathers ruffled.  Good thing I'm not a type A personality.
- When you decide to go to nursing school at 35, your perspective is different than a 22 year old.  And it should be.
- My study group has decided that Thursdays are going to be our "treat" day.  Which means we go to the cafeteria for lunch.  Yes, this is my new social low.
- I miss my family. I miss my friends.
- I am making new friends.  But friendship history and common interests are powerful things.  When I say,  "Assess the situation.  Gramps is dying." NONE of them knew what I was speaking of.  TERRIBLE. Just TERRIBLE.
- Hold me.



  1. Maybe next Thursday you guys can watch Son in Law on someones laptop while you eat treats from the cafeteria. You are handling all of these changes with such grace. You are gonna rock nursing!

  2. That is an excellent idea. However, if they do not laugh, I don't know that I can be around them anymore. Thinking of that movie makes me think about my dad laughing with no sound coming out.

  3. We have never watched it together!