Sunday, February 24, 2013

Get in the Picture

A few months back, Christine posted an article on facebook that talked about picture taking. It resonated with me. Basically the author talked about how sometimes, as women, we prefer to be the picture taker to avoid being in the shot. That we may see ourselves in a picture and decide we don't like what we see. We determine that we won't get in another picture unless we are wearing make up, dressed nicer, lose some weight, gain some weight, etc, etc. We look in the pictures and see all of our flaws. Our loved ones look at the picture and see people that they love. Over the past 5 years, I have lost some significant people in my life. Every time, I wish I had more pictures. Pictures with me and them, pictures documenting more moments of our life together. When a friend passed unexpectedly, about 4 pictures of us surfaced. In every one of those pictures I do not like the way I look. But, I am so thankful that I have them. So, I have decided that when opportunities arise to document a moment or memory with people that I love, I am going to take it. If something tragic were to happen to me, I want the people that I love to have a wealth of pictures and memories. I would want my children to have lots of photos of us together. So, for Christmas I got my parents photo sessions. Knowing that my mom feels a bit like I do about pictures, I explained my reasoning for this gift. We met one afternoon when the kids were a little tired and I hadn't had time to fix my hair the way I wanted and I couldn't find anything to wear. Koleson didn't want to wear any shoes and my girl was ready to pose. So we went in there and smiled and I am so happy we did! When I look at these pictures, I see grandparents who adore their grandchildren. I see parents who sacrifice for me and my children. I see people who have invested, with their time and their hearts.

 I am so glad we got in the pictures!



  1. I was just looking through your album on Facebook and I was thinking how happy I was to see you in them too. We hardly ever get to see your pretty face with your kiddos! What a great idea for a present.

  2. Where have you ladies been?? :)

  3. I guess we have been MIA! I can't speak for Dareth, but I have been swimming in school work. Almost done for the semester, so I will update soon (hopefully).