Monday, November 21, 2011


I somehow just looked up and noticed that the month of November is almost over. Wow. I don't want Thanksgiving to go by without noting some of the things I am thankful for this year.

*God's unwavering faithfulness...especially when I don't deserve it.
*The lavish love of God shown to my family through others.
*A church family that pulls together amazingly when we had some really tangible evidence of how much we need each other.
*People in my life who go above and beyond for my little family.
*Evidence that prayer can be answered...even in the midst of disbelief.
*A little blue-eyed guy who melts my heart over and over again with a gapped tooth grin.
*A girl that loves deeply and fights passionately, who is already starting to grow into her own little person.
*Friends who get me, that will laugh with me, and at me, when I need it most.
*God's provision. He has fulfilled our every need and so many of our wants.
*A gift of memories made from my mom in the shape of an awesome family vacation.

I hope your Thanksgiving week is spent loving your people.


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