Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Today I am thankful for:

a job in which I get to see God's hand move everyday.

a clean house. In fact, a house. Messy or clean, I am grateful for it.

Brandy and Timmarie. For too many reasons to count. But for this list, I thank them for loving my children like their own and being willing to care for them while I work. It has made going back to work bearable.

the opportunity to pray for others. It allows me to step out of my own troubles and bring my focus back to the Lord, where it should be...



  1. Lovely! I am so glad you have Timmarie and Brandy too. I'm glad you have known them for all these years. And I'm glad I know the three of you!

  2. Thank you for the privilege of keeping them. They make my family's life richer. We love them both beyond what I thought was even possible.