Monday, December 20, 2010

perspective 4

I had to fill out some financial paperwork last week. The lady behind the counter was running some numbers. This is what our conversation looked like.

Her: What other income or assistance do you have?
Me: None. That is my total monthly income.
Her: These numbers don't work. You fall so far below the poverty line. How do you live? Even if I double your income, you still fall below the poverty line.

I left that office feeling so humbled. I do not live in poverty. I look around my beautiful home at my beautiful children. I consider that I have never had to hear the cries of my children due to hunger in their bellies. I have not had to pile us together to create enough heat to keep us warm. I have not had to sleep on the street. I do not live in poverty.

I am Dareth. I am a child of the most loving Father. And I am blessed.

To all of you that help us in a plethora of ways: I am humbled.
To those who feed us: I am thankful.
And to those of you who pray for me and my family: I am eternally grateful.



  1. What a conversation! Sending you lots of love Dareth!

  2. I'm thankful for a God that provides for your family too! You are such a great mom Aunt Dareth, Alivia and Koleson are lucky to have you in their lives!

  3. I am always astounded at his abundant provision. And I am always challenged to give more when I watch you walk out giving.

  4. What a joy and treasure to journey with you and your family. You display the Splendor of your most loving Father so well!!