Saturday, December 11, 2010

a dose of perspective

I got my sister's annual Christmas letter in the mail this week and in it she posed the question: "If tomorrow you had only the things you were grateful for today, what would you have?"

If I can keep this at the forefront of my mind, I think it could change my life.
Since the 30 day challenge was a good way for me to stay connected to this blog, I am going to try and check in each day for 30 days and share some of the things (big and little) that I am grateful for.

Day 1:
I am grateful:

for friendships that stand through things we shouldn't have to face alone
(or have to face at all).

for the sign language that Koleson is using to communicate.
Less screaming = Happier Mom.

for dancing in Aunt Brandy's playroom surrounded by children whom I love.

that Kevin helped give me two beautiful and precious children.

Yeah, I choked a little on one of those, but it's important for the perspective :)


1 comment:

  1. We all should print that big in our homes, shouldn't we?! Thanks for sharing it.

    I think we need to remember often, the things we are thankful for!

    I am thankful for you!!