Monday, May 3, 2010

A Year of Surprises

Well, Koleson, you are one. Mommy tried to fight it as long as I could, but I couldn't get more than a year out of this first year. Funny how that works... It has been a blast watching you grow right before my eyes. You are a sweet boy who loves just about anyone who wants to interact with you. You are your father's child through and through in that when you are hungry, you want to eat rightthisverysecond. And I don't think a day passes without someone commenting on those beautiful blue eyes of yours. You have taught me to be a mama to 2 children and I will be forever grateful.

The Lord knows I love surprises. So, it is fitting that your first year has brought me many. These are a few of my favorites:

Finding out you were already growing just days after losing our health insurance :)

My water breaking at 32 weeks 5 days.

That you were almost delivered in a wheelchair because you were in such a hurry to get here.

Hearing your strong cry just hours after the doctor told me he did not expect your lungs to be mature.

You gained 3 pounds in your fourth month...pretty impressive for a preemie.

It took you 2 months on your hands and knees before you crawled.

I took you minutes to discover the freedom that crawling could offer you.

And since you have discovered cords...nothing will stand in your way.

I would have never guessed that big mischievous spirit was hiding inside that tiny body 1 year ago.

Koleson, your presence has made our life a hundred-fold richer. You have brought many smiles on days when frustrations were high. I am so glad you came into our family and made me a mom of a boy. I look forward to the adventure, son. I love you more than there are words.



  1. Wow, he looks SO old in that picture. Happy birthday to your baby boy!!

  2. I love you times one million, Koleson.

  3. Aunt Brandy adores you baby Koleson, or should I say, Big Boy Koleson. You hold a special place in my heart and remind me so often of the blessings that your cousin brought to my life. I am forever grateful to our Lord and Savior for bringing you into my life at a time when I couldn't have needed you more. Love you sweet guy.