Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Did someone hit the refresh button??

I am on my last day of vacationing with family in Colorado. This trip has been really special to me. It's very low-key and ultra-relational. We just get together and do life. When I make my plans, a week always sounds like a long time to be away from home. But, today it feels like we just got here and it's time to go. We have spent time in family homes, had meals together and of course, eaten at Panera as many times as possible. I love that restaurant and we do not have one on the surface of the sun. We have had girl chats and watched our kids play and most of all, just had time to share about our lives.

I came here at a very needy time. I am feeling a little fragile in some family relationships. It is so refreshing to see my family, my friends, just step in where I need them. They anticipated my needs (read: Panera and some grown up time) and met me right where I am. I never felt as though I had to "act" a certain way. I feel free to help myself, make a mess, clean a mess, and discipline my children. I haven't felt any pressure to be who they want me to be. Just the freedom to be who I am and know that I am loved.

As I sit here typing this, I am listening to the thunder and the rain pouring down. I just finished up some time with the Lord and am enjoying the quiet of a house full of sleeping beauties. I came here needing relaxation and refreshment and I definitely have gotten to experience both.

Thanks for that.


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