Thursday, February 11, 2010

Much to be thankful for

Over the course of the past 4 months or so, someone in our house has been sick. Sure, we have had a few healthy days here and there, but next thing I know someone is whining, crying, coughing or exhibiting a plethora of other symptoms. Most all of these things have been minor and mostly an inconvience. But, I almost burst into tears at urgent care last night as the dr told me Alivia has an ear infection. We are still fighting her empitigo and a lingering cough from last week. This was about 16 hours after being told by our pediatrician that Koleson has double ear infections (again) and possible rsv. I feel like I am teetering on the edge. Like one more sickness my push me right over.

Simultaneously, Kevin's brother has been battling cancer. This cancer is so ugly and fierce it has ravaged his body in only 2 months time. Watching this friend and brother fight for his life has provided a bit of perspective. He is only 41. And watching these parents, brothers, sisters, friends and children prepare to have to say goodbye to him is heartbreaking. Heartbreaking.

Last night, as I waited at the 24 hour pharmacy, on the verge of tears over all of it, all I kept saying was, "Thank you Jesus." I didn't even realize I was saying it. But, Thank you Jesus. Thank you for my children. Thank you that their health problems are minor and most likely only for a season. Thank you for a family that loves deeply. Thank you for one more day with Kevin's brother. Thank you for friends and family who have stepped in and allowed us to be at the hospital and now at the hospice center as much as we need to be. Thank you Jesus for the redemption that we have seen. And mostly, thank you Lord for being with each one of us every step of the way.

As we celebrate the news of another baby coming into our family and we celebrate the life of a brother as he prepares to go out of this world, the realization comes. Every life deserves a celebration.



  1. Through this season, your selflessness has shone through. There really is much to be celebrated, my friend.

  2. Hugs to you sweet Dareth! I am so sorry your house can't get rid of the sickies. Steve's friend is loosing his battle with cancer too. He just came home from the hospital and has hospice at home with him. Steve is trying to get in to see him ASAP. The friend has family coming in from all over to see him. Hopefully he will get to see him before he passes on. I totally hear you about it putting things into perspective!
    Love to you and your family!!