Monday, January 18, 2010

Week 2 Weigh In

This week I felt like the Biggest Loser's Week 2. I was just certain that there would be no victory had and I really struggled with drinking enough water, getting my exercise in, and not binging. Fortunately, I stepped on the scale this morning and had a victory.
Starting Weight: 138.8
Last Weeks Weight: 137.4
This Weeks Weight: 136.2
This Weeks Loss: -1.2

This week I am setting some goals for myself. I want to increase my water intake to 5 glasses a day (I told you, I really struggle with drinking water) and to exercise 4 days this week. I start school this week, so I will really have to be diligent to meet these goals!



  1. Good job!!! Doesn't it help to have a blog to keep you accountable?

  2. This blog is the only thing keeping me accountable right now!