Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Oh My, Five!


Today you are five. And your mama is an emotional wreck. Five is so, well...big. It leaves no baby face to squish, no traces of toddlerhood. And while you haven't been anywhere near baby for a long time, five just marks it permanently.

You my sweet, funny boy are 55 pounds of lean muscle height! You are tall and solid, and you only go at one speed - full force. Your size 2 feet are merciless when stepping on toes and you often knock me off balance when you run at me to give me a big hug.

This is your last year of preschool, and you have blossomed in your school environment. You enjoy not only your letters, but your phonograms, too. You are a big fan of the sound can, and love the sensory table.

You, son, have blown my world apart. I never knew the sweetest joy that the simple things could bring. Daddy and I TREASURE your communication. You speak so well and with so much enthusiasm. Everything is EXCITING! and FUN! and DOABLE! B, professionals weren't sure how much you'd talk, if at all. I wish your first speech therapist could see you now!

You are a never ending adventure, my boy. Your newest thing is to ask people what their name is and then introduce yourself, and whoever else is with you at the time. I just love it. You are so social! The thing I am loving the most about you is when you tell us you want to go to Africa (or Japan, or Australia). When I tell you we'd have to fly there, you ask me to take you to the airport, and when I tell you it costs alot of money, you say "Where can I get money?" B, there would be no greater pleasure for me than to take our family to Africa.

My prayer for you, Brody, is that you will always keep your adventurous heart and imaginative spirit. God has a plan for you, my boy. And it is a prosperous one. 3 years ago, I don't know if I could've stood in that promise confidently. A diagnosis of autism turned our world into a very dark place. But you, sweet one, have brought light and a thousand different colors that I never knew about before. God has used you to bring Him much glory. May that always be your heart's desire. May you always remember the first Bible verse you memorized: "The Lord is with me, He is my helper." (and reach for the sky- added by you). He has made you an overcomer. And we are just so grateful to be on the sidelines cheering.

Your Sissy, Daddy and I all love you very much. We can't wait to see what 5 brings!



  1. *sniff*

    This was such a sweet post to start my morning with! Happy birthday, Brody!!

  2. Happy Birthday, B! It has been a joy to watch you grow in your personality and in your communication. Your smile and enthusiasm are so contagious. It's simply impossible not to smile with you!!!!!!

  3. Sweet!!

    What a wonderful way to summarize 5 years of his light.

  4. Wow. That picture is killin' me.
    He is so beautiful. Inside and out!

    Keep being you, B.
    Love you.