Monday, January 14, 2013

Everyone should have goals

I have spent some time going back and reading some of the posts from our old blog and it takes me back to some times in my life where memories get fuzzy sometimes. I am so glad I have some of those things chronicled there. Which then allows me to look at this neglected blog and realize that I would like to put some attention back to it. I want to have a chronicle of this time of my life. I think I stopped posting when life got too raw and I just couldn't be that vulnerable. My life has changed significantly and I would like to be able to journal about it again. I have made many goals for this year. Here are some: *I want to be thoughtful about the things in our life. I need to give thought to each purchase and decide if I really need/want to add another thing. I feel like there is just.too.much.stuff. *I want this to be the year that I create some lifelong health habits. *I want to have a plan for the money in my life. I do not want to just earn and spend anymore. Dave Ramsey- here I come! *And I want to blog more. About real things that are going on in my life. About the things that I think about and that are on my heart. And post more pictures. Happy Monday, friends. Photobucket

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