Thursday, January 5, 2012

7 it is

7 Things I love about you, Brody:

1. When you love something, you talk about it. You showed your grandparents and auntie approximately 37 ocean animals over skype today.

2. Your endless amounts of energy. I am determined to bottle it up and sell it on the black market.

3. You have fought hard to mature. You have been a good example in class at school, and you fight to exercise self control. Some moments you win, some you lose. But you are willing to face the opportunity to make a different choice.

4. Your smile and your laugh. The joy is CONTAGIOUS, my son.

5. That you call Koleson, Baby Koleson. Dareth and I hope you will do this into his teen years.

6. How you can be socially awkward at times. I'm not sure that it is your autism that's showing as much as your genetic code from your mama.

7. I love how you have wrestled with the Lord these past couple of months. You haven't been afraid to ask hard faith questions in regards to Grandma K, you have been honest with the fear you have had, and you have talked it out with your God. It has been difficult as your mom to watch you ask the tough stuff, knowing the Lord responded with a no to some of your questions. But it has been so beautiful at the same time. You are growing in your faith, and that takes my breath away.

I am so very grateful to be your mom. And in what I am bracing myself to be a more difficult year of growth for you, I am praying you will continue to chase God with the questions of your heart.

You are pure joy. With a side of crazy and no appreciation for sarcasm. The perfect blend for our family. I love you!



  1. We love this boy!

    Happy Birthday to him.

  2. Such a great post! :) Your love radiates through this post! Cut picture!