Saturday, August 6, 2011

A most special addition

So, I am embarrassed to see how long it has been since we posted anything on here. Obviously, there has been way too much gone on in the past couple of months to document my absence. The highlight of our summer, that I can't not mention, is that we officially have a new family member!

My best friend of so-many-years-that-I-don't-want-to-mention-because-it-makes-me-feel-old and her family legally adopted a baby boy.

(I know, isn't he the most adorable thing???)

Hudson Matthew was born on my former anniversary, while my divorce was pending. It was such special timing to me to not only celebrate his birth, but that he will always be a reminder that new life is born even in the midst of mourning. After nearly 6 months of waiting, his mom, dad and brother are able to breathe a sigh of relief that, legally speaking, Hudson is forever a part of their family.

Hudson, we are so excited to have you in our family! Our God has lavished love on you and your family in so many ways. I, personally, am most excited that you get to grow up in a family that loves the Lord and is dedicated to teaching you about Him.

Some other highlights for me have been:

Watching Gabriel get to be a big brother again. He will always have your back, of that I am certain.

Seeing your daddy with another daddy's boy.

And of course, I will always enjoy watching the sister of my heart get to love another child of her own.

Seeing Alivia care for you since the day of your arrival. She has a special bond with you.

And I love, love, love that you resemble, in so many ways, your brother Burke.

Our God has such a big plan for your life, little Hudson. And I am so honored that I get to be your "favorite" aunt forever. I love you, Hudi.


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