Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Day 2

So, it's no secret that I am not an animal lover. Nor is Chris. It's not that I hate them, I just don't get over the top in love over sweet kittens and puppy dogs and such. In fact, I immediately delete those emails.

Chris and I got Addy a guinea pig for her birthday this summer, and for a few weeks this house went crazytown over some rodenty type creatures. We got a guinea from someone we knew, and unfortuantely said guinea was elderly and ended up having spinal cord damage and eventually passing on to guinea pig heaven. LOVELY experience. Don't worry, Addy has another guinea pig that is young and healthy, yada yada, blah, blah, we have a pet.

Brody has decided that he would like a pet too. And he would like it to be a pet bird. Now, I should mention that Brody LOVES the guinea, and by loves I mean pets it, and talks to it, and puts in on the skateboard and in rollerskates. Basically, we have to watch him like a hawk because he's a wee bit rough. Back to his pet: He wants a pet bird. Which means another cage. Not to mention that I only like birds if they are being served on my dinner plate. Also, WE ARE NOT GETTING ANOTHER PET. So, with this gift of autism comes Brody's ability to hyperfocus, rather obsessively, about a pet bird.

B: Mom, I want a pet like Sissy. How about a pet bird?
Me: No, buddy. A bird is a lot of responsibility.
B: I can be responsible.
Me: No, you are not ready. You don't even follow the rules about Sissy's guinea pig.
B: I can follow the rules. I want a pet.
Me: I know you want to follow the rules, but you just aren't ready yet. Can we talk about something else?
B: I want a pet like Sissy. How about a pet bird?
Me: No, we are not getting a pet bird
B: We'll see, Mom.

and on and on - the length of several car rides. Please, someone punch me in the face.


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  1. Just to clarify: he's getting a bird??