Thursday, September 16, 2010

This Day

It was an emotional one.

A day of failed negotiations.
A day of victory over past strongholds.
A day of upheld boundaries.
A day of great cost.
A day in which I received vacation details that made me smile- a lot.
A day that held news that is consuming my thoughts.
A day that resurfaced much anger.
A day of new life, twice.

What a day!



  1. How exhausting! I sure hope you have a day of warm jammies, hot coffee, and a good book soon.

  2. I'm sorry Auntie, we're all thinkning of you right now...

  3. You made it through this day. Many prayers are being lifted up on your behalf, my friend.

  4. Check this day as one of victory- for lessons learned, truth upheld, trust reinforced, and if nothing else, knowing it will end! Praying...