Thursday, November 8, 2012

All Fired Up

I am not someone who gets wrapped up in political discussions. I have my beliefs and convictions, but I dont feel the need to share them with others. I understand that others do. I even understand that when you believe in something that you may want to convince others that you are right. But what I have seen over the past days is terrible. I have been reading posts that say things such as we are doomed or that people will leave the country due to our president elect. I have even seen things that are much more pointed and directed at people groups. And each of these that I have referred to have been said in the name of Christianity. Now, I will readily admit that I misrepresent Christ at times. So please understand my heart. I am merely making observations and processing through that on this here blog. My intention is not to shame anyone for their comments. With that disclaimer, allow me to process my thoughts. Shaming others for their beliefs is not the same as speaking truth. Bullying others because of a stand on a specific issue is not giving others the opportunity to get to know your Jesus through you. Claiming all "real" Christians must belong to the same political party is polarizing and does not extend the hope that He promises. I dont pretend that my words and beliefs are always presented in a light that is pleasing to Him. I speak in my flesh too often. But my God is on the Throne today just like He was yesterday and He promises to be there tomorrow and for eternity. No matter who is in political office, which propositions passed or did not or which party I align ,yself with. If you will excuse me, I feel convicted to take a look at my own conversations and see them through these same filters. Photobucket

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  1. Indeed. I'm afraid we (as the body of Christ) have left a bad taste in the mouth of non-believers. Lord, forgive us and help us represent you better.