Thursday, October 6, 2011

Why I Love Dareth

A small excerpt from a conversation we had yesterday.

D: "OK, I'm curious as to why you are breaking up with chocolate."

T: (Explanation here.) Basically the US chocolate manufacturers have turned a blind eye to the child labor that gets them their chocolate. And then when it's brought to their attention, instead of changing it, they do a whole bunch of stuff to try and distract from the actual problem. I can't support child endangerment. Just because I don't have to look at it, that doesn't make it ok. Furthermore, I am tired of companies/government thinking that I am too stupid to figure this stuff out. (Please insert more ranting about healthcare reform, poverty, abortion, etc).

D: Insert awesome, encouraging response.

T: If I turn into one of those crazy social justice people, please laugh at me. You know the ones, the ones who make that their religion.

D: So when should I expect you to become vegan?



  1. Okay, *I* AM too stupid to figure it out. Wait. Child labor to produce my chocolate? . But, I love chocolate. Sniff.

  2. You are not too stupid. My too stupid rant was only in regards to the government (as a whole, not individuals) thinking they know better than me on, well, everything.

    The child labor in regards to chocolate, sad but true. I LOVE chocolate and would be lying if I said I wasn't pouting over it. Which makes me pathetic! You can read more about it at if you can't use the link.

    In closing, I LOVE chocolate, too, and am on the lookout for fair trade chocolate.

    Also, I'm glad you're blogging again. I so enjoy reading!