Friday, November 5, 2010

Let's Discuss

I am chewing on THIS interesting post.

Any thoughts?



  1. I have so many thoughts!
    I will suffice it to say that I believe that people of all kinds should be welcomed in every body.
    Ok, one more thing...I think those with disabilities can offer us a beautiful perspective. And because they may not understand all the legalistic social stigmas that may exist, I think they offer us a glimpse into what may very well be the child-like faith Jesus talked about. That is, if we can get past our own discomforts to see.

  2. (I find my hackles are raising up at the thought of secluding anyone from worshiping within the whole body)...I am thankful I attend a church that encourages anyone and everyone to worship because the truth is...we all are special needs people in need of a Saviour who specializes in meeting our need!