Tuesday, September 15, 2009

One Side of Us

I'm not sure why we're so chicken to just get our own individual blogs, but we apparently are. Or maybe now it's just that it's tradition to co-author. Either way, here we are!

Dareth and I met through church almost ten years ago. We share a common love for conversations that jump around randomly, since neither one of seems to be able to maintain a steady thought process. The two of us also find ourselves waist deep in awkward circumstances on a semi-regular basis. We realize that we are the common denominators in that equation.

I'm a sanguine-ish girl who often feels like the 'other friend' in many friendship circles. This allows me the opportunity to go to Jesus with a heart that says, "Pick me." It also keeps a girl quite humble, and sometimes a little lonely. Therapists, have at those last few sentences...

I love being a wife to Chris, and a mom to Addie and Brody. I don't always reflect this well, but I am determined to keep on asking the Lord to make me the best mom and wife that I can be. I love to laugh, bake, and love.



  1. yay!! I love everything about you!


  2. I will always pick you to be my friend. I count you as one and value you dearly. Somehow, our schedules don't seem to collide very often. I am asking for a purposed collision. Maybe soon?!?!